Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional real-time communication solutions and services since 1968.  Clear-Com innovate market-proven technologies that connect teams together through wired and wireless systems. Clear-Com products facilitate  the seamless coordination of any activity all while maintaining a level of reliability, security and simplicity. Clear-Com was the first to market portable wired and wireless intercom systems for live performances. Since then, Clear-Com history of technological advancements and innovations has delivered significant improvements in the way people collaborate in any professional setting where real-time communication is required.

      Whether you are looking for a simple wired intercom system for small theatre, a wireless intercom system for an outdoor live event, or a multi-system intercom network for a large-scale broadcast production, our market-savvy and product-knowledgeable sales and field engineers will partner with your local dealer or country distributor to design the best possible solution for you.

Clear-Com Encore® Analog Partyline Intercom Systems

Clear-Com Encore provides you with fast, simple and instant access to the person or persons you need to speak to the most on any given intercom channel. Unlike other communication options, this full-duplex platform allows people (on their independent user devices) on the same channel to carry out bi-directional, conversational-style communication, without being concerned with quality of the connection or sound. The system can scale over standard mic cable or over IP interfaces.

FreeSpeak II® Digital Wireless Intercom Systems

FreeSpeak II is a five-channel, full-duplex wireless intercom solution, ideal for large-scale, complex designs or specialized applications–requiring team members to be untethered and talking in independent channels of communication. After years of field experience and refinement, FreeSpeak II has become the de facto standard for wireless intercom operation in the 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz band across various markets. The exceptional RF performance and reliable connections across the system give users the peace of mind they need for staying connected at every major event, programming, stage performance, critical or mass area operation.

LQ® Series IP Interfaces

LQ Series are Audio-over-IP interfaces for moving and distributing audio and communications signals to/from one or more communication points depending on your configuration. You can network geographically-dispersed audio and communications devices of any brand or technology type over secure LAN, WAN or even the Public Internet. You can also use LQ Series to scale your existing traditional intercom for system expansion and greatly enhance communication with IP capabilities with SIP telephony and mobile apps.


Arcadia® Central Station is a scalable IP intercom platform integrating FreeSpeak® wireless and HelixNet® wired intercom user stations with Dante, 2-Wire and 4-Wire interfaces in a compact 1RU device. 

Cloud Managed Virtual Intercom

Gen-IC is a Cloud Managed Virtual Intercom service enabling real-time partyline workflows without the need for intercom hardware. 
Simple to deploy, configure and manage, Gen-IC is scalable for both small and large teams while also providing a wide range of connectivity to existing on-site intercom systems.

Gen-IC is securely available worldwide over the public internet and cellular networks and backed by Clear-Com’s pioneering experience and customer support.

Agent-IC Mobile App for Android and iOS Devices

When your core intercom user group needs to include remote users away from the main facility, providing additional communication access is easy and cost-efficient with Agent-IC.

Simple and easy to install on all Apple watches and select Android devices

Extend Agent-IC control surface from a smartphone to an Apple or Android watch

Add contributing members to any Clear-Com system by adding LQ Series and Agent-IC

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