Enterprise Theater Management System

Goldenduck is proud to present Producer, the best-in-class enterprise TMS from AAM. With more control and enhanced visibility, you can manage content across an entire cinema circuit from anywhere, at any time; all from a single dashboard.

In order to manage your content from one location and centralise your workflows, these key features are essential:-

• Simplifies playlist building by grouping all content and versions under one common name
• Click through into the title to manage trailers, feature selections, shows, content and KDM’s

• Playlist segments can be split by date/time
• Target by title and by cinema groupings and brands

• Centralised scheduling. Shows appear in your show planner moments after they are added to a cinemas POS
• Assign playlists based on show attributes,location, technology and brand

• Time ordered breakdown of issues; key, content, playlist, storage, and connectivity

• Collection of the automation cues, so you can manage all the cues of all playback server brands in one central naming convention

• Gain better understanding of your entire circuit operation