Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment

For over 50 years, content creators and audio professionals have relied on Dolby to make soundtracks that inspire, amaze, and bring audiences into the story.

Dolby Vision Color Grading

Create stunning visuals! With Dolby Vision, you can keep creative intact without changing your workflow.

Foley Studio

Great sound effects for your content! A specialized facility where sound effects for films, television shows, and other media productions are created and recorded. Foley artists use various props and surfaces to recreate everyday sounds

Voiceover Studio

Great VoiceOver studio requires expertise setup rather than expensive equipment. Want to creating or renovating your VoiceOver studio?

Dolby Certified Mixing Studio (Theatrical)

Experience the magic of theatrical productions like never before with Dolby Certified Mixing Studio. Elevate your sound design to new heights and captivate your audience with the immersive audio experience that beyond expectations. Call us today!

Preview Room or Screening Room

Imagine your screening room is a real cinema built by cinema integrator then top up with your design. What could you ask for more?

File-based workflow and QC

Unleash the power of digital workflows, streamline your editing process, and ensure top-notch content quality. Upgrade your video production workflow and take your content to the next level. Contact us today.