Cinema Speaker

Dolby and JBL, two titans in the cinema audio domain in a long time partnership with Goldenduck Group, offers an array of speaker solutions tailored for diverse cinema requirements.


Dolby’s lineup includes the Dolby DSR1090 10” Two-Way Surround Speaker, Dolby SB218XL Subwoofer, Dolby System 128 Screen Channel Speaker, Dolby CS128MH Mid-/High-Screen Channel Speaker, Dolby CS128LF Low-Frequency Screen Channel Speaker, Dolby® System 131 Screen Channel Speaker, and Dolby CS131MH Mid-/High-Screen Channel Speaker.

These speakers boast a compact design, yet they pack a powerful sound output, ensuring theater-goers an immersive audio experience. The Dolby Multichannel Amplifiers complement these speakers by economizing on space and reducing heat emissions while driving down the overall costs.


On the other hand, JBL’s cinema speaker offerings span across Three-Way Screen Array Cinema Loudspeakers, Two-Way Screen Array Cinema Loudspeakers, High Impact Ultra High Power Cinema Sound, Cinema Surround Loudspeakers, and Cinema Subwoofer Systems. JBL’s Cinema Series are crafted to deliver fidelity and performance at competitive price points, making them a viable choice for cost-conscious cinema owners looking to provide a premium experience.

Both Dolby and JBL have engineered their cinema speaker products to cater to the demanding needs of modern cinemas, ensuring that audiences are enveloped in rich, captivating soundscapes throughout the viewing experience.


Recognized as the most loved and preferred system integrator in South East Asia; Goldenduck Group is able to offer flexible, innovative audio solutions suitable for any theater size, delivering Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio 5.1 and 7.1 with incredible clarity, and superior dynamic range.

Goldenduck Group is committed in elevating the cinema experience now and into the future.

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