Dolby Atmos

With Dolby Atmos, your cinematic experience will never be the same. Dolby Atmos has been the most known immersive audio format for major contents in the current trend. Whether it is in the cinema, home or mobile devices, Dolby Atmos audio format has been extended to different kind of contents like music, concerts, gaming and feature films


With Dolby Atmos’s powerful rendering capability of multi-channel sound tracks, the content creators can now enhance their productions with an immersive experience that capture the attention of audience by creating the real sound field around them


Dolby is one of Goldenduck Group’s closest partner. We had been working closely with Dolby to deploy for more than 3,000 screens of Dolby audio processor to our exhibitors in the region. and more 100 are Dolby Atmos screens In addition, Goldenduck also works with studio owners to setup their mixing studios, designed and equipped to produce Dolby Atmos mix for movie contents and Home Entertainment as well