SORI API from iPlateia

The SORI API from iPlateia provides a real-time link between theater audiences and the screen, providing theaters with new digital advertising revenue and advertisers with a powerful screen advertising service that delivers personalized, two-way service and viewer response data to screen ads. It has been proven to contribute to the increase in advertising effectiveness by providing promotion benefits to make the theater experience richer and more enjoyable, resulting in more immersion in theater advertising.


SORI API is allows you to integrate SORI’s audio recognition feature into your application. With SORI SDK, you doesn’t need to implement the API directly. SDK will handle the API call and provide the result to your application.


  • Fast and high recognition rate
  • Noise-resistant
  • Supports SDKs for Android and iOS
  • Audio recognition can be added to existing apps
  • Create personalized audio recognition apps
  • Turn mobile devices into second screens
  • Connect various video and audio media to your business model


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