Today’s digital technologies together with internet standard nowadays makes electronic content-delivery possible. Studios and content owner can ensure their content will be securely delivered to the right place at the right timing

Dolby Atmos

With Dolby Atmos, your cinematic experience will never be the same. Dolby Atmos has been the most known immersive audio format for major contents in the current trend.

Outdoor Cinema

Feel boring of the conventional cinema halls? Experience outdoor cinema in a different environment which beyond your imagination!

4D System

Elevate your cinema to another level! MX4D is now one of the fastest growing premium formats, overtaking Premium Large Format in terms of relative growth in 2018.

Theater Management System

With over 10-year partnership with AAM, Goldenduck is proud to offer all the exhibitors the most well-known TMS which has been deployed over 42,000 screens around the world.

Cinema speaker

2 titans that set the standard for exceptional sound in the cinema. Dolby and JBL

AAM Lifeguard

Designed to make day-to-day theatre management smooth and error-free, AAM Lifeguard presents exhibitors with their own NOC solution that helps to reduce the cost of operations, improve productivity, and deliver increased profitability

Enterprise Theater Management

Imagine your entire circuit is on cloud! It’s time to revolutionize how you operate from head office with Enterprise Theater Management System.


What if.. your mobile app can be a 2nd screen? Enhance revenue through cutting-edge Screen Advertising now!