Aperion Histroy

Aperion Audio, the American speaker company, began producing high-quality Hi-Fi products in 1999. Their philosophy was clear from the start: heavy investment in research and development, including product components. This challenging concept allows them to offer speakers with unparalleled performance.

When it comes to technology, only the best is good enough. Aperion Audio has proven its leadership in innovative technologies. The patented ASR (Axially Stabilized Radiator) tweeter, used in the third generation Verus series, is an example. This super tweeter significantly increases the width and depth of the soundstage. It also comes from the laboratory in Portland, Oregon.

Throughout its history, Aperion Audio has brought many technologically leading speakers and subwoofers to market. In the United States, the company gained an early reputation for offering first-class products with superior technology and the best price-performance ratio. As a new chapter in their history, they are expanding into Europe. Hi-Fi enthusiasts in this region should be able to enjoy the unique potential of carefully developed speakers and subwoofers.

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We are proud to be the official distributor of Apperion products in Thailand. This collaboration allows us to offer a wider range of high-quality solutions to our customers, backed by Apperion’s expertise and innovation. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to ensure that our clients get the most out of Apperion’s products.


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Product category

Novus Speakers

Twenty years of engineering excellence has led to the development of our newest family: NOVUS. Literally thousands of hours have been spent on the design and refinement of our newest family in order to bring you a speaker of incredible value and performance. Several unique design features allow these speakers to offer significant performance enhancements relative to their price point. Each APERION® Novus speaker is embedded with our new tweeter – a high-end natural fiber dome membrane which utilizes a neodymium motor and ferrofluid cooled voicecoil to help give these tweeters a flat frequency response that can extend up to 30 kHz. The APERION® Novus speakers also utilize a myriad of our new aramid-fiber woofer cones to bring forth a full range of sound.

Novus N5T 2-Way 5.25″ Tower/Floorstanding Speaker Single

Novus N5B 2-Way 5.25″ Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Novus N5C 3-Way 5.25″ Center Channel Speaker

A5 Atmos 5.25″ Immersive Reflective/Height Module Speaker Pair

Bravus Subwoofers

Whether it’s the subtle drone of an oboe or the bone rattling impact of an explosion, APERION® Bravus family of subwoofers provides the full range of bass for any space. Let Aperion’s award winning subwoofers add the foundation of sound to your next movie, party or gaming experience.

Bravus II 12D 650W Class D Powered Subwoofer