LQ Series integrates directly with Eclipse HX Systems via the E-IPA or IVC-32 cards, allowing remote 2-wire or 4-wire audio to be brought into the matrix system via LAN, WAN or IP networks. The 2-, 4-, or 8-ports of analog audio from the LQ Series devices can be routed into the Eclipse HX system and distributed accordingly. The remote audio is converted to IP and then sent to the matrix frame using the G722 CODEC (7kHz). LQ Series devices can also provide up to 8 SIP lines per LQ into the matrix system via MVX or IP connections.

LQ Series can link to analog and digital intercom or audio devices of any brand, including Clear-Com’s mobile apps and digital two-way radios, over IP networks (LAN, WAN and the Internet). These interfaces can move audio signals to-and-from one endpoint to another endpoint in near-zero latency and maintains high audio quality throughout the network.