Arcadia® Central Station is a scalable IP intercom platform integrating FreeSpeak® wireless and HelixNet® wired intercom user stations with Dante, 2-Wire and 4-Wire interfaces in a compact 1RU device.

Arcadia Central Station is the centerpiece of a scalable IP networked intercom platform with support for more than 100 wired and wireless intercom user stations of various form factors, frequencies and connectivity. Coupled with Dante and analog interfacing of audio and control, Arcadia is suitable for any infrastructure. Arcadia’s compact 1RU form factor is capable of mixing 180 audio signals, features front panel intercom user station, fast and easy setup, configuration and monitoring. With the future-proof ability to grow in capacity and features over time, Arcadia is the ideal intercom system.


Arcadia supports the FreeSpeak family of wireless intercom, including 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands which can be concurrently deployed on an Arcadia system*. FreeSpeak antenna transceivers, connected via E1 CAT/Fiber plug and play cable connections or IP using AES67 capable networks, can be modularly added for coverage and capacity of beltpacks which can seamlessly roam between overlapping transceivers. FreeSpeak beltpacks can have their keys assigned to any Channel, Group or Interface Port on the system. Each FreeSpeak beltpack requires an Arcadia Licensed Port**.


Arcadia supports the HelixNet wired partyline intercom, including the HRM-4X Remote Station, the HKB-2X Speaker Station and the HXII-BP Beltpack. This is done by selectively enabling channels to be available to the decentralized mixing of intercom and Program Audio in HelixNet Endpoints, providing a high degree of operational elasticity to the Arcadia system. HelixNet user stations connect to Arcadia via an IP network and can have their keysets assigned to any HelixNet Enabled Channel on the Arcadia system. Each HelixNet Enabled Channel requires an Arcadia Licensed Port**.


Arcadia can interface to a variety of audio and intercom systems with audio interface ports assignable to any Channel, Group, FreeSpeak and Arcadia keyset on the system:

  • Dante audio network interfaces allow any Dante input or output to connect to Arcadia. Each
  • Dante port requires an Arcadia Licensed Port**.
  • 4-Wire provides the ability to connect analog line-level audio inputs and outputs to Arcadia.
  • 2-Wire Partyline allows interfacing to existing analog partyline intercom system infrastructures or to add Partyline user stations or interfaces using Arcadia’s built in power supply.
  • GPIO provides Inputs and Relay Outputs for system control. Inputs allow activation of audio crosspoints while Outputs can be activated upon key presses, audio crosspoints and or call signals configurable in Arcadia’s Logic configurator.


Arcadia’s front panel user station provides four keysets on large, high resolution, color touch screens, assignable to any Channel, Group, FreeSpeak beltpack, Program Audio or Stage Announce on the Arcadia system. The user station is provisioned with a headset connection, gooseneck mic connector and a loudspeaker in addition to All Call, Stage Announce and Remote Mic Kill.


Arcadia front panel menus provide the ability to configure the basic system configuration using an interface consisting of the easy to navigate color touch screens coupled with tactile rotary encoders and buttons. With the front panel, wireless beltpacks and transceivers can be added to the system, 2-Wire connections can be nulled and network addresses configured.


Arcadia is a powerful hardware platform which allows capacity to be activated as customer requirements grow or features are developed for this dynamic platform. Arcadia’s flexible licensing options allow right-sizing of the system required via Licensed Port Capacity. As the need for greater capacity grows or a new feature is needed, field deployable Licensed Port Upgrades can be used to increase Arcadia’s intercom footprint.

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