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Goldenduck and exhibitors to ensure movie-goers’ happiness when reopening.

Cinema is one of the world’s main social activities and has been dramatically and drastically affected by the crisis COVID19 has been posing upon the world. It has forced cinemas across the globe to close as public safety is given top priority.

With this, a large number of people in the field and events related to cinema have adapted into having online events and meetings on how to move forward and address this challenge. This shows us the significance of the cinema industry.

We share these difficult times together, nevertheless, we stay strong with the knowledge that our cooperative hands remain helping each other.

It’s great to hear that the situation has now improved in some parts of the world and lockdowns have begun to relax. It’s certain that new attempts in innovation will be made as a new standard for the safety of the audience will have to be made. These may include the entrance’s temperature measurement, social distancing between seats, regular cleaning and sanitizing and many more.

Goldenduck holds true to our duty to ensure our client’s equipment are maintained well and are in good shape.

As we can feel the positive signs of recovery, we are now ready to work with cinemas in Southeast Asia to ensure the happiness of all movie-goers!

The show must go on.