News – TGV Central i-City Has The Largest Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen In The World

GDIM just finished the biggest 14m Samsung LED Screen. This is the largest LED Samsung in Southeast Asia 

TGV Central i-City Has The Largest Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen In The World

 Who doesn’t love big things? Especially seeing big things on big screens in theatres.
Speaking of which, watching movies at the cinema is one of Malaysians’ favorite pastimes.
Considering how we broke local records with ticket sales for the newly released ‘Avengers: Endgame’, it is no wonder cinemas are growing and progressing more in Malaysia.
The latest addition to the plethora of cinemas we can choose from, mainly here in Klang Valley, is TGV’s new family member at the freshly opened Central i-City shopping mall in Shah Alam.

This is also Shah Alam's first cinema. 

Not only did TGV furnish their latest location with extra features like wireless charging on tables, Chatime, and Royal Selangor, they also included a hall with the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen.

You must be thinking there is nothing special about this because this is not the first Onyx Cinema LED screen in Malaysia, but it is the largest one in Malaysia.

In fact, this screen is the biggest in the world standing 16.4-feet high and 45.9-feet wide!

The special thing about this screen is that it is the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED 4K display with a peak brightness at 146fL.

This makes the Onyx Cinema LED screen one of the brightest and sharpest screens available in the market.

Besides that, TGV brought their comfort level up a notch at this new hall with Deluxe grade being the minimum standard as well as adjustable Auto Glide reclining chairs. Make sure you don't fall asleep.Now, if you still looking for a place to catch the latest movie (like ‘Avengers: Endgame, duh), you should give TGV Central i-City’s Samsung Onyx cinema hall a shot. 

Credit – Rojakdaily.