NC1201L NEC Laser Projector


Laser Projector

Type DLP              Laser Phosphor
Supported Screen Size up to 12 meters (39 feet)
Resolution 2048 x 1080
Light Source Laser Phosphor


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The new NC1201L Digital Cinema Projector – Laser focused on maximum visual experience for smaller venues

The all-new NC1201L cinema projector delivers a brighter visual experience, suitable for smaller venues with screen sizes of up to 12m wide. Built upon the latest laser light source technology, our second generation of this compact digital cinema projector will amaze your customers with crisper colours and an exceptional image quality. The highly flexible and silent NC1201L allows for an easy installation without the need for a special exhaust system, supporting ceiling, floor or mobile applications. Additionally the maintenance free operation and a low, eco-friendly power consumption result in an overall reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and therefore a greater per seat revenue. Take your customers into the next generation of digital cinema, delivering a stunning visual experience for a brighter future.



  • Highly flexible – with no exhaust system required, the NC1201L is suitable for floor and ceiling installation and versatile content playback.
  • Virtually zero maintenance – no lamp and no filter replacement costs, no maintenance personnel costs and no lamp stock due to the innovative Laser Light engine.
  • Compact, lightweight and quiet – easy installation in small projection booths, easy transportation for mobile cinemas and perfectly suited for boothless cinemas.
  • Enjoy a Lower TCO – highest reliability, maintenance-free operation, low power consumption and up to 20000 hours life; the Laser light source results in a significantly lower total cost of ownership.
  • Steady and reliable operation without any risk of black screen – much more brightness stability during the life time of the light source.
  • A host of integrated features – including built-in 2TB screen server, 2 x 3G SDI Interfaces, HDMI interface for alternative content, advanced network and built-in GPIO functions with NAS support.
  • Sealed optical engine – minimising dust ingress, consistent performance is assured and no special maintenance is required.