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21st September 2017. mmCineplexes opens new complex in Sungai…

21st September 2017. mmCineplexes opens new complex in Sungai Petani, Malaysia.   mmCineplexes, Riverfront City is the largest cinema in Sungai Petani, Kedah, located conveniently in Sungai Petani’s newest and first lifestyle mall, Riverfront City. mmCineplexes Riverfront City is the first cinema in Sungai Petani to have Dolby ATMOS and a luxurious Premier Class. There


EGV Lotus Pak Khwae Sukhothai

The 118th branch of the Major Cineplex Group opened at Lotus Pak Khwae, Sukhothai on 1st September 2017. The first movie theatre in Sukhothai, this EGV branded cinema has one screen with 96 seats. Goldenduck provided and installed the projection and sound systems as well as lobby music equipment.


Congratulations on Major Cineplex Big C Pathumthani Branch

Goldenduck group would like to congratulate the 117th branch of Major Cineplex “Major Cineplex BigC Pathumthani” located on the first floor of the department store. It consists of 5 movie theatres of 1,300 seats, which officially opened on 6 July 2017. Our company has been entrusted to install the projector sets in 4th and 5th