The golden
duck story started in 1978 when Sittiporn Srisanguansakul’s father established “Ped Thong” as a specialty service to the many mobile cinema operators putting on shows in Thailand’s small towns and villages.   During the 80’s the Company grew rapidly and even began selling its own brand of carbons for cinema projectors.

With the advent of multiplex cinemas in the early 90’s Goldenduck expanded to cater for the new market, and became a distributor for leading projector and audio manufacturers such as Strong, Dolby and Harkness screens.  Goldenduck was (and still is) at the forefront of new technology installing the first Dolby SRD stereo sound, the first DTS sound system and more recently the first Dolby ATMOS in Thailand.

In 1997 Goldenduck introduced the Philippines to Dolby SRD sound and shortly afterward opened a company in Manila (Goldenduck International Philippines Corp.)  to better serve this rapidly expanding market.    With the arrival of digital projection, Goldenduck added another first to its list of credits, this time installing the first DLP digital projector in South East Asia.

In 2003 Goldenduck Steel Co. was formed, initially to manufacture cinema-related items such as sound racks and projector pedestals. However, it now makes electrical-related and broadcast-related products such as console desks and electrical boxes. Goldenduck Steel also manufactures custom-made items for customers, such as oil pumps, lockers, and mobile phone top up boxes.

Goldenduck Asia Pte was established in Singapore in 2004, and from there the Goldenduck Group ventured into Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Since then separate offices have been opened in Vietnam and Malaysia as the Group seeks to provide local service and support to its many customers throughout the region.  Goldenduck now employs over 250 staff across 6 Southeast Asia countries

Of course, Goldenduck continues to be at the forefront of innovation and exceptional customer service and has completed over 90 Dolby ATMOS installations for customers in Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.    Goldenduck also brought the first laser projectors to Malaysia and continues to look for innovative products and solutions to enhance the cinemagoing experience.

In recent years the Group has become a leading supplier of professional broadcast equipment in Thailand and provide our service to our customers like the new Amarin TV and Thairat and now the business which is now expanding to the Philippines and Vietnam.   In addition, Goldenduck’s expertise extends to audio-visual installations, whether in theme-parks or convention centres.

Almost 40 years of the Group’s history sound has changed from single channel mono to up to 64 channel ATMOS. Scratchy, jumping film images have given way to rock steady 2k & 4k pictures and breathtaking 3D, and  Goldenduck has been there all long to bring these innovations to its customers. Thailand still has mobile cinemas, but now they have laser projectors!